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The TIC Portal

Update Sept 2021 - We're LIVE! Please go to TIC Portal Online and join in!

The TIC Portal is a brand new online portal for self-care, therapy tips, work-life balance, work-related support, mood and wellbeing self-assessments, comedy (yes, comedy!), multimedia resources for online viewing and listening or download and much more.

Below you will find examples and screenshots.

TIC Portal Introduction | Matt Valentine-Chase

TIC Portal Screenshots

I'm not a web designer or techie, but I do love to create multimedia content that helps. I do hope that this new venture supports you in a very positive way! You will find a couple of examples of what content you can expect to find on the portal below the screenshots. Enjoy...

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Mood and Therapy Needs Self-Assessment

Visit the Portal for exclusive downloads.

Work-Related Support - Example from the Portal

The TIC Portal will have a specific area for work-related stress and stress management. It also has useful practical resources such as self-help services, therapy tools, self-assessments and the 'staff welfare supervision' document that Matt has developed. This is a solid way to encourage employers to support their staff in ways they may not have considered. A sample is below.

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Please visit the Portal and join in the fun! TIC Portal Online

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