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Self-Help Resources

Welcome to your self-help page. You will find regular updates that share free tips for self-care and wellbeing. In multimedia (video, audio, worksheets and more) format, there's lots of online support for: stress management, coping with anxiety, therapy techniques, guided relaxation, coping with overwhelm, meditation, self-care needs and much more.

Accessible online therapy support that you can do in your own space in your own time.

Tong Len Meditation - Video

This video is from the TIC Welfare Portal and is a practice that Matt teaches many of his clients. More info: TIC Portal

Tan Tien Breathing Meditation

Another Example from the TIC Portal and a practice Matt shares with some of his clients, for relaxation and can also ground the energy. Particularly good for stress and being in our bodies. More info: TIC Portal

Three Ways to Manage Stress - Video

Mental Health Uplift

This was originally shared on twitter. A quick video on mental health and social media. Are you comparing yourself? Take a look...

Guided Meditation for Relaxation - Audio

EFT Technique for Stress Management and Overwhelm - Video

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Natural Remedies

Has Matt suggested remedies to support your process? He often suggests Bach Flower Remedies that work on the emotional level to 'treat' (bring into our awareness) patterns that we are currently working to address.

The Twelve Healers by Dr. Bach gives an overall view of the most common remedies Matt recommends.

You can order your book or buy any of the remedies on Amazon, either by following this Amazon link or clicking Matt's Amazon link in the sidebar or footer. This is an associate link that Matt appreciates you using, at no extra cost to you.

NB: Natural Remedies are supplements and not to be used in replacement of medical intervention.

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