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Training 1-1 and Group

Matt provides training in addition to therapy. He can work with you 1-1 (group training also welcome) via Skype to help you to address issues such as:

  • Self-care
  • Self-care for helping professionals
  • Managing work-life balance
  • Online addictions
  • Social media detox
  • Interview anxiety
  • Student issues (please enquire)
  • Disability issues (such as your rights under Equality Law)

    He offers tailored packages that include self-help techniques and unusual coping strategies such as energy healing techniques, visualisation and Time Line Therapy® techniques.

    He has experience in academia as a student and researcher, media (local radio), mental health recovery worker in social care, nursing experience in hospital, nursing homes and community, in addition to therapy experience in NHS and third sector. These real-world roles inform his training packages and enable him to give you up to date advice on how to manage in these environments. What also can be useful is his basic training in equality and inclusion and disability law. He is not a lawyer, his training in these areas simply inform the support he gives you. This can include helping you to research your rights that can protect you at work, university and online.

  • NEW: do you own or work for a company?

    Matt has devised a staff welfare supervision that can support your staff's mental health care needs. This sample is currently in use in social care (some information has been changed for confidentiality). This can very easily be tailored for any industry.

    Please find the sample below. If you work for or own a staff-focussed company, please apply for this document to be personalised for you.

    Training. Care for Carers

    Care for the Carers

    Above you will find an example of his staff welfare supervision, which he devised for a social care service. This will give you an idea of his knowledge and awareness of helping professional's needs. With his personal experience in the helping professions, he offers training via a 1-1 support session. He can help you to address the needs around self-care, work-life balance, work-related stress unique to the caring industry. He realises that often it is the organisational and cultural pressures that impact many care staff and helping professionals. He can't change your company, but he can support you to manage the stress, look at possible solutions and, if your company is willing, help the to introduce the example welfare supervision - which has staff's needs at its core.

    His 'Care for the Carers' training is usually 1-1 but can also be booked by your organisation or group. You will need a group and a venue. Please enquire for a quote and a bespoke training package.

    Training. Social Media Detox

    Digital Detox Training

    Spending too much time online? Do you get stressed by notifications or every time you click on your email inbox? Are you finding yourself scrolling aimlessly for hours? Book a support session with Matt to address your social media interaction and general relationship with the online world. Three easy steps, with unusual techniques using mindful practice and visualisation. This will be combined with practical application suggestions. Go easy on yourself - it's very common to feel overwhelmed. Let's do something about that and.... turn off those notifications. There's step one - for free ;-) Please email, text or call to book your personal 1-1 session. Associated eBook coming soon for download!

    Matt very much looks forward to working with you!

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