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Counselling in Sandbach and Online

TherapyinCheshire™ with Matt Valentine-Chase DipCouns. CertCouns. PracCertTLT® Empath and Healer

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2021 - a time to heal.

Looking for counselling and therapy that is different?

We are in a time of great change and whilst what you are going through may not be obviously linked - this time has triggered many into awakening, which is a good thing! Do you need some grounding support to help you to navigate this? Matt is trained in therapy, which underpins his work with you. He is also a natural healer, empath and lightworker, this can greatly accelerate your healing process. Often one session is enough.

The time we are in has brought us all to a very different place in our lives and this can be difficult - it can also enable us to make positive changes in our lives. Many clients just don't resonate with the traditional therapist/therapy approach. Matt has formidable training but works very differently from traditional therapists. His humour, insight, courage to challenge and deep sense of compassion will, he hopes, enable you to feel like someone truly cares.

Matt's Cheshire practice (he also works in Manchester and London) is based in Sandbach but all sessions currently take place online or over the phone. Please see About Matt for further details of Matt, including his lived experiences, that all inform his work as a counsellor-healer.

2020 brought up many surprises and these have affected people in unique ways. You may be looking for a counsellor who works differently, who can help you to make some sense of what's going on - whether globally or personally. It's all about making connections, with another human being and with yourself. This can bring clarity. Maybe you have different views on what is happening right now and feel alone with it all. It's okay to be and feel differently from the mainstream.

You might want to talk to Matt about how 2020 has affected you:

Has the time we are in brought:

  • Confusion?
  • Frustration?
  • A desire to live differently?

    Whether related to 2020/currently or not, you may be:

    At a time in your life where you are:
  • Becoming aware of your spirituality
  • Having questions or concerns about your belief system
  • Moving from believing to not believing – or vice versa
  • Remembering simpler times and wondering how to create that in your life again.

    It isn't all, of course, about the time we have just experienced. You may have struggled in the past or currently with:

  • Drug use
  • Alcohol use
  • Sexual problems
  • Sexual addictions
  • Behaviours you wish to address or modify
  • Relationship issues
  • Grief and loss
  • Anxiety
  • Depression

    Matt Valentine-Chase, a Sandbach based qualified counsellor, works online and by phone and works in a heart-centred, intuitive way. He has over eighteen years of experience in counselling and therapy and twenty-five years’ experience in natural healing.

    Matt is noted for his personable and non-judgemental approach where everyone is made to feel welcome. Please see About Matt for further information on his qualifications, skills and experience. Please see Fees for prices and please do remember that this is not traditional therapy, as such one session is often enough and you are welcome to text Matt for a free no obligation call-back.


    Matt specialises in:

    Sex: Sexuality and gender identity, sex worker inclusion, sex work positive therapy, LGBTQAI positive therapy, kink positivity, safer sex, sexual stuckness and sex problems.
    Mood: Anxiety, depression, mood swings, stress, fear, feelings of impending doom, confusion etc.
    Addictions: To substances, to behaviours, to sex or certain types of sex etc.
    Spiritual/Existential: Why am I here?, Spiritual or religious crises, existential or mid-life crises, fear of mortality and more.
    Transforming negative emotions: Using solution-focussed techniques, humour and mindfulness.
    Energetic practices using meditation techniques:Energy work and energy transformation.

    Lived experiences that inform his work: Matt has personal experience of mental health recovery, 'dark night of the soul', childhood trauma, being a young carer and more, which he feels brings more depth to your work with him. Have a question? Call, text, email or see the FAQ's page.

    For sex specialisms, you may wish to visit Matt's sister site - his well established London therapy practice - Sex Coaching London - Here.

    Where Matt works:

    In addition to online, TherapyinCheshire™ provides counselling and therapy via his mobile service (for specific clients with mobility issues) in Sandbach, Congleton, Nantwich, Crewe, Shavington, Wistaston, Willaston, Weston, Wilmslow, Alderley Edge. Also available in: Manchester, Salford, Vale Royal - Northwich, Winsford, Hartford - Stoke-on-Trent including Alsager and Kidsgrove.

    COVID19 current policy: Online or phone therapy only. This is a modern way to see or speak to a therapist.

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